Midland Amateur Radio Club Gives Demonstrations to the Public

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- This weekends demonstration is all part of a week long celebration of amateur radio week. On Saturday, Midland's radio club joined thousands of amateur radio operators across the country to practice in case a big emergency ever happened.

"It's kind of a practice drill so when we have the real thing everybody is rehearsing and practicing and getting ready for the actual event," Dwayne Fox, Midland Amateur Radio Club, said.

Midland's Amateur Radio Club has about 100 hundred members who invest their resources and time on the air.

"Some people like to get on the air and tell stories, we get on the air, we tell what kind of equipment we are using, we tell what the weather conditions are, I like to talk about my grandchildren," John Wilder, Midland Amateur Radio Club, said.

For some it's not all fun and games, it's also about tracking storms and sending warnings to West Texans who may be at risk.

"When severe weather outbreaks usually I get a phone call from the regional coordinator, that calls me, and I start calling the spotters out into what we call the central Permian Basin group, I start dispatching spotters into that are where the severe weather is at," Fox said.

But why radio? Wilder says it's very reliable.

"Any kind of a catastrophe national or natural or otherwise, weather, floods the amateurs are going to be there because cell phones are great, everything else is great, you lose power, your batteries are going to run down they are dead," Wilder said.