Safety on Loop 250

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Just since Monday, two accidents have rocked Loop 250 in Midland, both of which sent cars flying over the median.  

We asked the Texas Department of Transportation if there were plans for added protection on the Loop.

"I think with the increase in the oil business, there's increased traffic everywhere," Kelli Williams, Traffic Engineer with TXDOT,said.

"The more traffic you have on a roadway, the more potential there is for someone to leave the roadway, so there would be more potential for a problem," Williams said.

A deadly wreck on Monday sent an SUV flying across Loop 250 through the median and into oncoming traffic. Police say the driver now faces intoxication manslaughter charges.

And on Thursday, the Midland Police Department reported another accident involving a car that crossed the Loop's median, resulting in a head-on collision.

"We always review, we keep reviewing in light of these accidents, if there's anything we can do to prevent more of those types of accidents," Williams said.

TXDOT says at this time they don't have any plans to change the makeup of the Loop.

"We don't currently have any plans in the works to put up guard rails," Williams said.  "Loop 250 has that wide median and in past experiences, its expected that that vehicle can recover within that area."

They say, typically rails are installed for obstacles.

"If there's an obstacle, like a bridge end or something like that in the way, or if the side slopes are so steep, or steep enough where they don't feel like a vehicle can recover, if they go off the roadway, then it warrants having a guard rail," Williams said.

TXDOT says having a guard rail may even create a problem.

"If the guard rail is there, it may be an obstacle as well," Williams said.

TXDOT tells us they will continue to review traffic and accident history on this area on the Loop to determine if extra protection is needed.