Big Spring ISD to Buy Out Michael Downes Contract for $58,000

by Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- The Big Spring Independent School District will pay $58,000 to buy out the remaining 11 months on Superintendent Michael Downes contract.

The school board and Downes made the voluntary decision Thursday night. The agreement ironed out by lawyers from the Underwood Law Firm who represented B.S.I.S.D. and Adams Lynch & Loftin who represented Downes.

"I don't think it's been a distraction for the kids and that's what he is there for, he's done a fine job," Mary Wood, a mother of a Big Spring High student, said.

Downes will remain "on call" according to the separation agreement, in case anyone from the district needs to consult him on district matters.

"I think under the circumstances, it wasn't going to work out for anyone from now on," Barbara Smith, said.

Downes came under fire with the T.E.A. for allegations of inappropriate relationship with a student 18 years ago. A T.E.A. spokesperson said Downes' employment did not change the status of the T.E.A.'s legal team.

"A Superintendent is important for any school district, but at this time we're just going to go forward with the people that we have and those decisions will be made by the board," Assistant Superintendent Steven Saldivar, said.

Saldivar says the B.S.I.S.D. Board of Trustees is looking into a possible school bond in November.