Ector County Disaster Declaration Extended Indefinitely

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - It has been a challenging year and Ector County Judge Susan Redford has extended the current disaster declaration indefinitely, and it's not just for the 4th

of July fireworks.

The county's concern is the problems that may arise if this drought continues for many months to come.

Ector County Commissioners voted unanimously for the extension during an emergency meeting on Friday morning.

Judge Redford told the court, it's not just the fireworks causing fires that she's worried about, it's the lack of rain and future fires that could potentially dry up their emergency funding.

Friday's move puts the County in a position to ask the Governor for help if they need it throughout the year.

Once again, Commissioners are reminding folks to resist the urge to set off fireworks, because authorities will be out in full force patrolling over the next week looking for law breakers, but Ector County residents shouldn't feel singled out because Midland, Andrews, and numerous other Texas counties are in the same situation.

For the record, there's already a three inch shorfall of rain in Ector and Midland Counties since January.