Street Lights: On During the Day, Off at Night

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a pretty strange sight in some neighborhoods. The street lamps seem to be working backwards. They're on during the day, but pitch black at night. Now some neighbors are wondering why they're seeing the lights go out, when they should be coming on.

If you drove down Godfrey Sunday night near Midland Lee High School, you probably saw lots of street lamps out.

NewsWest 9 has been keeping tabs on the area around Godfrey and Neely for the past few days. For our news crew, the surprising part was driving down the street Tuesday during the day to find all the lights up and running.

Not just one or two, but lots of city lights were on full blast Tuesday afternoon, and it wasn't just on Godfrey.

Our news crews found lamps on all along Garfield. So what's with some lights being left on during the day and turned off at night?

Representatives with Oncor Electric Delivery said let's take it one step at a time.

"Street lights being on during the day could be a relay that's malfunctioning," Mike Nieto, the area manager, said. "Or it could be our contractors who repair our street lights have turned on the street light circuit to identify the street lights that are not burning."

Nieto said anytime a problem is reported in the city they make sure repair crews try to get it fixed within five days.

"We have over five thousand street lights in the city of Midland alone that we're responsible for the maintenance and repair of," Nieto explained.

ONCOR says repair work has been ongoing during the day since severe weather hit the basin last week.

"Our priorities right now have been storm restoration. We've had over 118 wood poles that we've had to replace," Nieto added.

So what about those lights turned off at night? Nieto said he wasn't aware of the problem on Godfrey and Neely, but said repair crews will work to fix it.

"Our crews have been dedicated to restoring service," Nieto explained.

ONCOR managers also said they have been working to repair broken power poles and power lines within the last week as well.

If you do have a problem like the lights being out in your neighborhood like this one, you can let them know:1-888-313-4747, or