Grant Now Available to Open a Registered Child Care Home Center

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The Texas Workforce Solutions of the Permian Basin has been offering a one-thousand dollar grant to anyone who wants to open a registered child care home center. It's been available for most of the year, but there are no takers so far.

"The West Texas opportunity child care management services wrote up a grant to the United Way of Odessa, they have a venture program, and we received 12 thousand dollars," Susan Taylor, Child Care Management Services Director, said.

Through the grant, people receive a little bit of help to get the day care started.

"We would purchase pay back fees or reimburse fees that they have to pay out for licensing or for training, we can also provide money for training, and we can also purchase toys and cribs if they choose to keep an infant," Taylor said.

Taylor says the program is ideal for parents who want to be home with their children.

"Moms who wanted to stay home, who did not want to go into the working field who wanted to stay home with their children and maybe take care of three to four additional children more and bring a little bit of extra income," Taylor said.

Many have showed interest in the program, but no one has applied for the grant.

"There is hope that we will get one for sure, well hopefully, not for sure.  She is going through the orientation tomorrow and she has several things set up, so we are hoping she will be our first one," Taylor said.

If you're interested in the grant, the deadline is coming up fast. June 30th is the last day.

Contact Susan Taylor at 366-3788 for more information.