U.S. Senate Candidate Rick Noriega Makes a Stop in the Basin

By Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The battle is already heating up as Noriega tries to take down' longtime Incumbent John Cornyn.

On Tuesday, he addressed a number of issues ranging from immigration to the Nation's sour economy.

Noriega addressed numerous issues Tuesday with a handful of reporters at the Ector County Annex.

Noriega criticized Washington's shortfalls when it comes to health care and the rising price of oil.

The five term member of the Texas House says he can do better.

On immigration, Noriega called Cornyn an "'obstructionist,' who has only "flip-flopped" on the issues.

Meantime, Senator Cornyn's office criticized Noriega's energy plan, among other things.

Cornyn says Noriega's desire to drill for oil in Iraq, and his plan to remove troops from that region is quote, ''bizarre," and Cornyn says Noriega wants to increase reliance on oil in the Middle East.

We'll be hearing a lot more from both candidates on numerous other hot button issues, as the November election draws near.