Letter to the Editor Sparks Investigation

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- It's enough to make any animal lover sick, a gruesome account of a Howard County Deputy using a taser gun to run off a pit bull from a local Sonic Drive Thru, all outlined in a letter to the editor in the Big Spring Herald back in early June.

"I feel for that dog, it should never have happened," Tonya Hilario who says she witnessed a Deputy scare off a dog into the street where it was run over several times, said.

"I look over and the deputy Sheriff is chasing the dog with the taser," she said the deputy used the taser on the dog.

Hilario's letter inspired several letters in response, including one from Howard County Sheriff Dale Walker who wrote he would investigate the incident fully before making comment.

After, four weeks Sheriff Dale Walker told NewsWest 9 he did not find fault in the actions of the Deputies.

"The letter that was written was far from the truth," Sheriff Walker said.

Sheriff Walker said his Deputy was called to the Sonic Drive Thru by the manager who wanted a gray pit bull removed from the property. He said the Deputy then called Animal Control, but the dispatcher told the deputy they would not remove the dog because it was not vicious.

Sheriff Walker said a security camera video of the event helped aid his investigation. He said the Deputy never actually used the taser gun on the dog.

"He was yelling at the kids to get out of the road it was just a dog," Hilario said.

Tonya Hilario said after the dog was hit by on coming traffic, the deputy made the teenagers who were playing with the dog pick it up and put it in the dumpster.

"They didn't want to deal with it the way they should have dealt with it, and so if it happened (the dog was hit). It didn't matter it was done," she said.

Sheriff Walker says the dog was placed near the dumpster for animal control to pick up.