Jal Water is Back On

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

JAL, N.M.- The water is back on in Jal, N.M., but tempers are still flaring around town after residents spent hours without water Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Residents say the water outage was the second this week.

"We didn't have water for three quarters of the day yesterday, and now the water pressure is going back down, and they're saying we ain't going to have it very long either," April Casey, who lives in Jal,said.

An Allsups employee told Newswest 9 they nearly sold out of water Thursday night, and were forced to throw away food, because they can not legally sell food when there is no running water.

Residents stopped the Newswest 9 Mobile News Bureau to vent their frustration. Some worry the combination of triple digit temperatures and no water is dangerous.

"Please somebody do something, this is ridiculous," Jal Resident Deborah Cheek, said.

Michael Duplechain says the water went off line when there was a four foot break in one of the City's water lines. Duplechain says he doesn't foresee any future problems.

"It's hard not being able to flush the toilets, run your dish washer, or wash clothes. It's very inconvenient," Betty Holland said.

Stephen Aldridge, who lives in Jal, says city officials are trying to handle the problem, but says water outages are a concern in the summer months.