Burn Ban Continues Throughout the Summer

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

In order for this burn ban to lift, we need some moist green grass, but right now all we have is a dry, dead shrubbery covering any new growth. 

The dry stuff is left over from last year when we had a lot of rain which caused plants to grow. 

Over the winter the brush dried up and until new grass replaces it, we'll stay under that burn ban.

Just a reminder, during the burn ban you can't burn anything including trash. 

Fire Marshal Dale Little tells us they'll take another look at the rainfall and the greenery and re-evaluate the burn ban around August.

"Just before the 90 days are up, we'll have, during a Commissioners Court meeting, we'll evaluate the situation and look at all the whatever the indexes tell us and whatever the green-up is if we have green-up and we'll evaluate if it needs to be released or not then," Little said.

4th of July is just around the corner and we wondered how the burn ban will impact the festivites.

Authorities say there are a few rules you need to know before buying fireworks. 

In order to use them during a burn ban, you either have to be on your own property or have written permission by the property owner.

The two kinds of fireworks you cannot use are rockets with sticks and missiles with fins. 
The County Fire Marshal said in order for that burn ban to lift, we'll have to have a significant amount of rain. 

Last year, we had ten times the amount of rain as we've had this year.