5 Trailers Destroyed, Roofs Torn off in West Odessa

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA- Families in West Odessa spent the day clearing out a major mess after winds whipped up to 70 mph Tuesday night.

"Like a freight train just boom," Joe Granado who lives near Moss Ave. in West Odessa, described. "The roof came down, right where I was laying. It was just a big old boom."

The tin roof of Granado's adobe house, was in pieces, Wednesday. Granado built the Adobe style home piece by piece over the last 15 years. His yard was covered in tree limbs and debris from all the damage. Granado says he is retired and under goes dialysis three times a week and is unable to work. The home was not insured. Granado says he is thankful his family and friends showed up to help.

"What did I find? A mess like you can see water everywhere, sheet rock everywhere," he said.

According to County Commissioner Freddie Gardner crews found 5 trailers destroyed and 4 homes with roof damage.

"It just sounded like a roaring thunder storm and we had heard on the news we didn't think it was that serious," Bernie Brito, who says his father's trailer is a total loss, said.

In Midland County, Bynum, a school for children with disabilities after Tuesday's wind storm knocked out their water supply.

"We turned off valves, there was water about 13 feet," Assistant Director Keri St. John who said they've been looking for a new building and said it was God's way of pushing them forward, said.

If you have damage and need help the Red Cross said they're not looking for people with damage, but will help if you call 570-6161. Odessa Links will translate any calls in Spanish for the Red Cross, 582-0099.