Oil Industry and Crimestoppers Team Up to Prevent Theft

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

The rising price of fuel appears to be fueling crime in the oil industry.

The crime has increased so much that the Energy Security Council is starting a new crime reduction initiative similar to Crimestoppers.

It wasn't long ago when we showed you how thieves were hitting oil field gas tanks by stealing expensive diesel fuel.  Lately, they've started stealing everything from copper wire to large machinery worth millions of dollars.

"In West Texas, it's gotten really bad.  I mean they tell me that all over the state of Texas. I mean we're getting into the millions of dollars of theft of equipment, and it's everything from copper wire and pipe, to actual equipment that's out there, and different machinery that's going out there. Forklifts and things are disappearing," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crimestoppers, said.

Now, the Texas based Energy Security Council has joined the fight.

Anyone who comes forward with information that helps lead to an arrest will earn a $1,000. And as always, you will remain anonymous.

Meantime, Rogers praises this new crime fighting partnership, and she's learning a lot of new things about the oil industry.

"This has been a really great partnership for Crimestoppers, simply because we have got someone to help us with this.  We're getting some education and training.  There's a lot of oil field equipment that we don't have a clue what this stuff looks like," Rogers added.