City of Andrews Cleaning Up after Another Big Storm

by Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Downed utility posts, mangeled rooftops, and a small army of utility workers.

"Extensive damage to about 7 or 8 structures, roofs blown off of several structures completely," Andrews Chief of Police Bud Jones, said.

Tuesday night's storm hit hard and fast.

"Damage at the airport, some hangar doors were damaged, tree limbs all over. We lost a canopy at one stop store, it damaged some gas pumps, a lot of property damage," Jones said.

As a result, utility workers were forced to close down Main Street the majority of the day.

"ONCOR/TXDOT has been trying to clean up the damage, there were power lines broken, a roof crashed right in the middle of the power lines, and in the middle of 385," Jones added.

That roof belonged to Mark's Furniture Store located on Main Street.

"We've lost about 30 thousand in inventory, the roof, we're going to go in and totally rip everything out and rebuild it. It could be 40 or 50 thousand just to put a new top on here," LaWanda Blackmon, Owner of Mark's Furniture Store, said.

And now with more rain in the forecast, local business owners are fearing the worst.

"I could lose even more with all the holes in the roof and nowhere to actually really store anything cause it got the back real bad, we're flooded more in the back than we did in front," Blackmon added.

Andrews officials expect the total cost for repairs to excede $200,000, and to make matters more rain is expected Wednesday night.