Hundreds Turn Out for Tim Russert's Memorial Service

by Tracie Potts

NBC News

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In Washington on Wednesday, a final farewell for NBC friend and colleague Tim Russert.

He died suddenly at work last Friday after suffering a heart attack.

Wednesday there was a private memorial where friends, family, coworkers, even competitors, remembered not only his exceptional skill as a journalist but a man so many came to know as a faithful, devoted father and a good friend.

Presidential candidates sat side by side with Washington's elite as Tim Russert's only son eulogized his father.

Later, hundreds gathered at the John F. Kennedy Center for the performing arts for a final goodbye.

"I'll hope that call will come: "Tommy B, this is wild." That call won't come. The voice will linger only in my heart, and in my memory," good friend Tom Brokaw remembered.

Producer Betsy Fisher worked side by side with Tim on his trademark program, "Meet The Press."

"There is a Nation mourning a loss of a great man and an extraordinary journalist," Fisher said.

But perhaps the most heartfelt memories coming from Tim's only son, Luke.

Tim Russert known for asking tough questions leaves one that cannot be answered, why now?