Midland Schools Will Have School on Labor Day

Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It's not the first time misd has put classes on the calendar for labor day. But it's been so long that we couldn't find anyone who remembered the last time it happened.  The district says it's for the benefit of the kids.

"With the school calendar, we understand that we are never going to make everyone happy, but we have to look at a school calendar and form an instructional perspective, and understand the parameters of the law, and do the best we can," Teresa Moore with the Midland Independent School District, said.

One concern with labor day classes is low attendance. But Moore says they are trying to spread the word so parents can plan accordingly.  
"We believe we can offset low attendance by making sure our parents are informed and as long as our parents know up front and as early as possible, then they can make plans and make those arrangements.   So we are really hoping we won't see a dramatic dip in attendance on that day," Moore said.

Midlanders have differing opinions about the decision.

"I don't think it's right, Labor Day should be respected," James Lawrence, Midland citizen, said.

"It sounds a little unusual, but kids need to get educated and if the administration says go to school, you go to school," Tom Eustace, Midland citizen, said.

Ector County School District doesn't have school scheduled for Labor Day. MISD says they have a monthly public forum where parents and citizens can go before the board and give their opinions about any  issue. Principals and staff from each school have tried to get word out so parents know what's going on.