Father's Day Gifts Going High Tech

Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Picking out a present for Father's Day has gone high tech. Now buying that gift for your dad means you may end up getting a lesson in plasma TV's and video games.

"It's just about entertainment and what we are capable of doing, so you get yourself a home theater and with the gas prices rising now a days people are staying home a lot more," Ali Vasquez, Best Buy Sales Manager, said. 
Vasquez says the standards for buying a Father's Days gift is changing.

"Gaming is not directed towards the youth anymore it's definitely an adult base gaming industry right now so we are seen a lot people come here right now getting Play Station 3, XBox 360, even the Wii's," Vasquez said.

And getting from point A to point B is not enough. Now fathers want more.

"GPS's are also used for location destination so you can basically find out where a dinner is or a teak house is much more than 'hey take to me Dallas.' It's what's in Dallas and what can I do around in Dallas," Vasquez said.

Nowadays Father's Day is more about granting wishes.

"We are store of not need, but we are store of want, so we definitely cater those people that are coming in looking not for the neck tie, not the tools anymore, it's definitely not about that, it's about 'how can I relax,' " Vasquez said.  

Shoppers at Best Buy weren't just looking for Father's Day presents many said they've also been looking for special deals on TV's and other high tech products.