West Texans Looking For Gas Saving Cars

by Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - With record high prices at the pump, its no question West Texans are trying to conserve gas any way they can. However, for some, driving less isn't the key. In fact, one Midland man said he saves gas everytime he goes out for a spin.

"Heavens, I mean you need something to compensate for these high prices, I'll tell you," Clarence Marley, a Midland Resident, said.

It may look like a typcial car, but Marley says there's something different built into his new Chevy Impala SS: Active Fuel Management.

"You're driving 60 miles per hour, it'll cut back from the eight cylinder to a four cylinder," Marley explained.

And that means saving gas. Saturday, Marley took us for a cruise around town. He said it handles great, and doesn't even notice when it switches from eight to four cyclinders automatically. However, Marley's Impala isn't the only car in the basin that saves gas.

"The way they set things up under the hood, actually, the pieces and parts they use on the vehicle made it more lightweight and better fuel efficient," Denise Hanson, a sales professional at All American Cheverlot in Odessa, said.

Sales are up on Malibu's and Cobalts. Employees also said the engines with Active Fuel Management are in many of their SUVs.

"It just makes them more fuel efficient especially right now with the gas prices," Hanson added. "Our truck sales have not slown down."

But whether you like driving around in an Impala, or cruising in a Malibu, many say both rides save gas on the road.