Fuel Theft in Fort Davis

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

FORT DAVIS- Firefighters in Fort Davis fill up upon returning from every emergency run they go on but when they responded to a call South of Marfa, they learned someone had made off with hundreds of dollars in stolen fuel.

"Any time you have people stealing fuel from an emergency vehicle your putting responders lives in danger and your putting the citizens lives in danger," Jeff Davis County Attorney, Bart Medley, said. "Firefighters responded to an emergency South of Marfa, they got there and they discovered they had no fuel."

Medley says there have been a rash of fuel thefts all over town, including at the Sheriff's office, but he says this time it was serious.

"If someone would have been hurt or killed this thief would have been looking at a potential murder charge," Medley said, who added depending the charges the person(s) responsible could face jail time.

"When the crews got down there, they found out not only the pump tank, but the spare gas can had been emptied as well," Fire Chief Kelly Bryan said, "Thank Goodness they didn't get right in front of the fire, when they noticed they were out of fuel."
Bryan says on an incident days earlier a criminal replaced fuel with water in a fuel can on a Fort Davis Fire Department truck.

"That's even more potentially dangerous if it would have damaged our equipment," Bryan said.

Medley says he doesn't believe this an inside job, because the firefighters would be putting their lives on the line. Since the incident last week, the locks have been changed at the Department.

"We've got people that are volunteering to put their lives on the line, to protect people's property and lives, so when someone would do this to a volunteer fire department that has limited funding it's just a pretty sad situation," Bryan said.

If you have any information, call 432-426-4434.