Ector County Commissioners Court Ban Certain Fireworks

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY- The decision taken by the commissioners only took a couple a minutes. According to Judge Susan Redford the county has done all the law permits them, so we can have a safe fourth of July.

"We are vulnerable, because of the fact we are in the worst drought was have seen possible ever," Susan Redford, Ector County Judge, said.

Ector Commissioners took the decision of banning the use and sell of missiles with fins and rocket with sticks for this 4th of July season.

"What our action boils down to today is responsibility versus vulnerability. We have to act responsibly and we have to follow the law, which we did, and we also have to provide a safe place for our citizens to enjoy their activities," Judge Redford said. 
It's illegal to sell buy or use fireworks within city limits. The commissioners are waiting to establish safe zones were people can launch certain type of fireworks

"The legislation also gives us the capability to designate safe zones within the county that we can require anyone that is going to use fireworks to go to those safe zones and be supervised with fire officials on hand, Sheriff's Office overseen that everyone is safe," Redford said. 

Detra White from the Odessa Fire Department recommends for people to take extra provisions if they are going to use fireworks.

"Be conscious, in addition, clear the property around your home, make sure that is watered, that you provide some level of moisture around your own home, protect your own home, if you need to turn on sprinklers that night, because you neighbors are launching that night, then do that," Detra White, Odessa Fire Department, said.

Right now, the county is waiting on Governor Perry to issue a disaster declaration. If he does, then all types of fireworks will be banned.