School Security in Hobbs Going High Tech

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

HOBBS- Campus security is getting an overhaul this summer break, in Hobbs. Nearly half of the district's campuses will add anywhere from 16-50 cameras to curb vandalism and beef up school safety.

"You are able to pick out what's going on in a particular room or area," Mark Kleinsteuber, with Klein Security and Safety Systems, said.  "The resolution and the amount of frames we're capturing, they're able to get a better picture of what's going on."

School administrators with the Hobbs Municipal School District already have access to some schools already on the system but by January of 2009 all schools in the district will be on line.

"They view it live, to see what's going on live and if there is an incident they can refer back," Josh Kelly, a network engineer who says the system gives administrators up to 4 weeks to go back and review an incident.

In addition to the camera system, crews from Klein Security and Safety Systems will also add a card access system at all of the schools by the first of the year.

"All the crazy things going on out there, we might be able to catch some people that are questionable that are coming onto the campus to do some harm," City Commissioner and School Board Trustee, Jospeh Calderon, said.

The card access system would allow district administrators the ability to close off certain parts of a building in the event of an emergency. Like many companies or hospitals, a badge or ID card would allow officials access to certain areas of a campus.

"What we have here is IP based," Joseph McClure, who says the intricate network of servers and cameras is a state of the art system, surpassing the video capabilities of typical surveillance systems, said.

The district used funding handed down from the New Mexico Legislature to pay almost a quarter of the one million dollar price tag. The Hobbs Municipal School District paid the remaining portion.

"I am excited about getting the next few schools in especially the Junior High because my daughter is going there next semester," Kleinstreuber said.