Rattlesnakes Becoming a Problem in Andrews

by Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Andrews, the city on the move has seen a great growth in the number of companies and people that have made their way here.

But now, some unwelcomed visitors have made their move as well.

"A lot of them are coming into town so that they can get where the people have their sprinkling systems to water their lawns," Snake Handler Harley Tyler said.

Due to the extremely hot and dry conditions, these rattlesnakes are now coming out of the county and into the city.

"Its been a bad year, because we have had so many brush fires that's burning up some of their homes some of them live in the rats nests and stuff underneath the mesquite trees, we haven't had much moisture either," Tyler said.

As a result, these rattlesnakes are now seeking food and shelter in backyards.

"You're going to have mice and birds in there, and then your going to have a watering system to water them with, so you have the two things that the rattlesnakes are looking for. They're looking for food and water," Tyler said.

That is why it is extremely important to be precautious at all times.

"Anytime anyone gets out of their house either late at night or early in the morning, I'd advise them to turn the light on, and watch where they are going," Tyler said.

Experts also say that if you come face to face with one of these deadly rattlers, you must remain motionless.

"If you see a snake or hear a snake, stand still and holler, never grab a stick or poke at it, do stay away from it," Tyler said.

And if you're ever bitten.

"Stay calm and get immediate medical attention," Tyler said.

Since time is of the essence.

"The longer you wait to get to the hospital, the further the venom is going to travel through your blood system," Tyler added.

Experts also say if you ever encounter a rattlesnake on your property, it's better to contact a profesional that try to remove it yourself.