City Neighbors Step In When City Employees Walked Out

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

GRANDFALLS - No city workers in one small West Texas town.   They walked out, after an argument with city leaders. Now, neighbors are volunteering, just to keep the city running.

"It's bad. I mean, really. They've got to have someone here. You've got to have full time employees," Roger Mullins, a Grandfalls Native, said.

Grandfalls Mayor Mandy Brandberg says a disagreement between city employees and some  council members left city hall empty, except for one temporary clerk.

"There was a big disagreement between my administrator and a council person and it didn't look like it was getting any better, so she couldn't deal with the stress, the aggravation anymore, so she quit," Mayor Brandenburg, said.

The communication issues are just the beginning. The oil boom is making it difficult to find new employees, and finances are causing controversy too. Mayor Brandenburg says the bills get paid late, but no one fails to pay.

"I know our council is under the impression we have a lot of customers who do not pay their bills, and that is what our problem is. That is not true," Mayor Brandenburg said.

NewsWest Nine spoke with one of the newest council members, but they declined to comment.

"We have certain council members who want things done their way. It takes a whole council, it takes a committee to do anything. When you have a council person who just wants things their way, it doesn't work. We're finding we're not working together as a team, and you know, that's going to create problems," Mayor Brandenburg said.

Karen Keith owns the Back Home Café and she says the council needs to focus on rebuilding Grandfalls.

"We need to stop looking back and look forward," Keith said.

Other neighbors agree.

"It can only go up from here," Mullins said.