EXCLUSIVE: Accused Apartment Attacker Arrested Before

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- NewsWest9 has learned the man arrested Thursday in Odessa, in connection with a string of attacks against women at a handful of apartment complexes in Midland and Odessa, was out on bond for an earlier arrest in Midland.

Police arrested Jaime Lara Arenivas, 34, January 8th in connection to an alleged robbery. Amanda Aten tells Newswest 9 a man in a ski mask attacked her at her apartment complex early that morning. Aten says police later arrested Arenivas when he made an illegal u-turn out of another Apartment Complex in the area.

Det. Candelaria with the Midland Police Department told Newswest 9, police did not connect the alleged robbery to the attacks, because the attacker did not fondle the victim, and this was the only time he covered his face.
"There is nothing you can do to change your life back to how it was. Nothing will ever be the same," Aten said. Six months after the attack, her life is changed by the morning. Aten now carries pepper spray and moved as a safety precaution.

"I rarely go out in the morning and after dark," she said.

Police told Aten after the arrest, Arenivas may have been watching her, because he knew details about her life.

Aten walked out the morning of the attack to get something out of her car when the attacker ran up behind her.

"When I locked the door, he was just running at me. He was quiet, you didn't hear him coming," she said "He grabbed my shoulders and slammed me against my car, I clawed through his ski mask, and he had a scratch under his face, and so they did the testing under by fingernails, and he ended up with a bloody nose."

Despite her strength, Arenivas made off with Aten's piece of mind, she says she lives with anxiety, but it was the only thing he stole. Aten says she was holding her purse, but he didn't take it.

"You just fear that he is going to come back, your constantly looking around to see if he is out there," she said.

Midland Assistant District Attorney, Jane Bolosi said she could not comment on the pending case but did add the Grand Jury might possibly issue an indictment within the next couple weeks.

"It hurts to know that ten other women were attacked, at least ten," Aten said, "I feel like if they would have finished up my case and my trial that's pending now maybe these wouldn't have happened."

Arenivas now faces three Class A assault charges in Midland and more charges may follow.