Businesses Threatened by Grass Fire on Wednesday Night in Odessa

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - If you drive by now, you'll see quite a different scene in comparison to Wednesday night, and it's only in the daylight that you can see how close the flames actually came to, not only Family Dollar, but also, a train yard.

It wasnt only the wind that concerned them directly in the fire's path, some late night businesses, and a train yard, owned by Union Pacific.

Something that according to Assistant Fire Chief Tanner Drake posed a potential problem.

"We're actually working with Union Pacific.  They're trying to get all their cars out of that facility, because a lot of them do have product in them. That's our priority right now, to get it knocked out before it gets to that point," Drake said.

Drake also told NewsWest Nine they didn't receive help from the Texas Forest Service with Wednesday night's fires, because there were no infrastructures involved, and no homes were threatened.

The fire scorched between 300 and 400 acres.  

Fortunately, no building damage or injuries were reported.  

The cause is still under investigation.