West Odessa Family Survives Drive-By Shooting

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

A West Odessa family of 6 says they're just happy to be alive after a drive-by shooting early Wednesday morning left their home filled with bullet holes.

About 1:00 Wednesday morning, the Cortez family awoke to the sound of gunfire. There were 8 shots. One of them only a few inches from their daughter's bed.

"It's just traumatic," Maricella Cortez, a mom of four and West Odessa resident, said.

"My 9 year old, she said, 'Momma I heard noises, but I didn't get up. I looked, but my other sister was there so I went back to sleep.' If she would have sat up, they probably would have hit her. If she would have sat up in her bed," Cortez said.

At first, they couldn't figure out what the noises were, but once the sun came up, family members discovered the holes that penetrated their entire home.

"Being out here on the west side, you always hear gunshots, you know, things like that going on, but you never think it's hitting your home until you wake up and you see it," Cortez said.

The Cortez family say they have no idea why they became targets.
One of the bullets even landed in their bed.

"We don't have any problems with anybody," Cortez said. "Why would somebody come around here and do that?"

We spoke with the Ector County Sheriff's Department, who is conducting an investigation.

They hope to have more details in the next couple of days.

But in the meantime.

"Try to keep the kids together now," Cortez said. "Kind of afraid to let them sleep in their own rooms now."