FIRST ON NEWSWEST9: Suspect in Double Murder Caught in Alabama

Randall Lee Stephens
Randall Lee Stephens

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Now that Stephens has made an appearance in an Alabama courtroom, we may be seeing him back in Pecos in the near future.

That's because the U.S. Marshall's Office has already started the extradition process to bring him to Texas.

And when he arrives, they'd like to charge him with double murder.

His arrest in Alabama on Tuesday stems from his failing to register as a sex offender in Pecos.

Chief Clay McKinney told NewsWest Nine that an Alabama deputy located Stephens at a restaurant off I-10 and he was with two transients.

Stephens handed the deputy a social security card, and one quick phone call to Pecos led to his arrest.

Chief McKinney caught a flight there to question Stephens in connection with the murders of Rick and A.J. Cherry, who were found dead inside their bar back on May 7th.

So far, Chief McKinney has remained tight lipped about the evidence.

"I can't go into a lot of details on our interview that we had with him this morning.  As a result of the interview, a corroborated a lot of items that we had in investigation and as a result of that as soon as we return back to Texas we will be asking for a capital murder warrant on Mr. Stephens," Pecos Police Chief Clay McKinney, said.

When that Alabama deputy asked Stephens if he knew he was wanted for questioning in Pecos about those murders, he said yes he did, and that was why he had fled the area.

As we've been reporting, Chief McKinney is asking a municipal judge in Pecos to issue a warrant for Stephens in connection with the deaths of Rick and A.J. Cherry.

That is likely to happen as early as Thursday, when Pecos authorities return from the Gulf Coast.

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