Salvation Army in Odessa Getting New Management

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

ODESSA- Sergeants Jay and Michelle Ward have being working in the Odessa Salvation Army for about two years. Salvation Army officers know moving is part of the job. But the Wards' say it always hurts a little to leave coworkers and friends.

"Moving is a process, very stressful, and so we are just trying to get everything done before we leave," Sgt. Jay Ward, Salvation Army, Odessa, said.

Sergeants Jay and Michelle Ward are moving from the Odessa Salvation Army to the one in Miami, Florida. They are sad to leave the community that welcomed them with open arms.

"We have come to love Odessa, the people in West Texas are unique, and it's our kind of people, we just fit right in, and have loved it here," Ward said. 

Ward says it wasn't always easy dealing with problems here. But it has all being part of a learning process that has made him a better officer.

"It's being a very unique experience dealing with the dealing economy here while the rest of the country is not in the case and having a unique perspective on the homeless here that a lot of times they are working and they just can't find a place to stay," Ward said.

Ward also says working with other West Texas agencies who help each other unconditionally has being a unique experience.

"The other thing that has helped me professionally is being able to work with the homeless coalition here, it's top notch. People work together and we are going to miss that a whole bunch," Ward said.
The Ward's will be missed by their coworkers, but they say it's all part of working for the Salvation Army.

"It's sad to see, but I am happy they are getting to move on with this opportunity, and do what they want to do. It's sad to see them leave, because they came to Odessa and they needed them," Kathy Goheen with the Salvation Army in Odessa, said.

Sergeants Jay and Michelle Ward last day will be on on June 22. They will undergo some training before starting their new job in Miami.