FLDS Kids Leave Midland

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Seven of the 15 girls brought to the High Sky Children's Ranch in Midland are on their way back to Eldorado. The remaining 8 will leave Tuesday morning.

"They're very excited about coming home," Kathleen Jessop, a mother and FLDS member, said.

It's been a day of excitement for families of the FLDS compound.

"The girls all made special dresses and sang to our board of directors," Jackie Carter with High Sky Children's Ranch, said. "They have beautiful voices like angels, and they're very good at baking and cooking and gardening, and they played in the water, and we just had a really nice time with them."

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court ruled CPS overstepped it's authority in removing all the children from the ranch, and on Monday, they were able to go home. Kathleen Jessop has two daughters staying at High Sky. She said, "We're very thankful that CPS will give the children back. They're very excited about coming."

Parents began arriving around 11:00 Monday morning to sign paperwork. About an hour later, the girls came outside with their bags, and took group pictures with the High Sky staff.

"It's been a wonderful experience, a learning experience, and I think all of us here at High Sky learned quite a bit and a lot of insight, so I'm a little sad today," Carter said.

Kathleen Jessop says this experience will make FLDS members stronger.

"It's an experience that every mother in America should ask herself how she would feel to have to go through that experience then they would appreciate how we have felt," Jessop said.