Polo for Josie

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A charity polo game is changing the lives of one Midland family all thanks to a few big names in Hollywood and the support of Tall City residents. Actor Tommy Lee Jones and America's Most Wanted Host John Walsh stepped up and onto a horse to help raise money for Parker Elementary Student, Josie Nunez, 8, who was diagnosed with brain and spinal tumors.

"This is all about Josie today, this brave little girl, this eight year old girl," John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted said, "I think it's wonderful this whole town has turned out to show how much they love and support this family, and how much they care about Josie."

The Midland Polo Club organized "Polo for Josie," the event was held at the club Sunday afternoon.

"It's somewhat overwhelming. We didn't expect to have this kind of attention with this," Josie's father Ben Nunez said, "Josie is an incredible child, and an incredible person. It's the most humbling experience we've ever had in our life. This is awesome."

The money raised from Sunday's event will help the Nunez family pay for Josie's medical expenses. She is currently undergoing radiation treatment before doctors can remove another tumor.

"It's really incredible that the people here are supporting Josie," Nunez said.