New Machine To Save Odessa Cash

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A new machine called "the Shredder" will soon turn bales of cardboard into savings for the city when it starts cranking at the Permian Basin Time Machine in two weeks.

"Just a few years ago if the City dropped off a load of cardboard it would take 3-4 hours to do a load, now we can do it in 20-30 minutes, saving a lot of time energy, and a lot of land fill space," Kevin Butts, President & CEO of Permian Basin Recycling, said.

Butts worked to iron out a deal with the City for three years, and finally they're ready to unveil the new quarter million dollar machine.

"It's pretty exciting to see it go up," Oscar Maldonado, Solid Waste Superintendent for the City of Odessa, said. "Card board, instead of going through the scales, it's going to be recycled so we're not going to have to pay that tonnage fee at the landfill."

Officials say it will also help alleviate trash routes. According to Maldonado, a contract with Permian Basin Recycling will also require the company to pay the City when they've shipped off a specific amount of cardboard to be recycled.

"It gets bailed out and it gets sent to the mills, out of Oklahoma, and from there they process it down either taking it and making it into different types of fiber, carpet padding carpets, different types of materials," Time Machine Manager Janetta Pins, who says more people are recycling this year, said.