Demand for Air Conditioning Repair Services on the Rise

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Managers at Walker Air Conditioning Company are working around the clock to be able to keep up with all the calls they are getting. But even with an economic boom and more business surprisingly, they are not making a bigger profit.

"Since we being in business for 7 years, March, April, and May have been record setting months for us," Troy Walker with Walker Air Conditioning & Heating, said.

Troy Walker says his company has more customers, but they're spending more and working overtime to be able to service everyone who needs them.

"We as a company have gotten up in prices trying to just survive and make a living, but with the prices of gas and copper and still all of those things have gone to the roof," Walker said.

Walker also says the booming economy means more people are buying air conditioning systems.

"We are not making more money, but we are a lot busier.  A lot more things are breaking down and the economy is making it where a lot people can afford us a lot better.  At 103 and 105 degree temperatures we are a need; it's not just a luxury anymore, it's a necessity," Walker said.

But not everyone in the Basin can afford to replace their old air conditioners. So what can we do to keep our old ones working? Walker says maintenance is key to keeping your system in good shape.

"Filters are the number thing for maintenance, second, when you are weeding around your conditioning area don't get the weeds close, keep them away, keep your condenser clean, turn off the power of your condenser to keep the unit clean, and wash it out," Walker said.

Walker also says it's a good idea not to turn off your air conditioner when you leave home. He says a lot of people turn it off to save energy. But he says from his experience it takes more energy for the temperature to cool down then to leave it on all day.