Farmers Market Struggling to Grow Crops

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- The Permian Basin Farmers Market Association fears they will not have enough vegetables for this years sales. This association gives West Texans the opportunity to talk to the farmers about their food and ask questions about how it was grown.

"All of the members of the farmers market are really struggling, they all have had a terrible time," June Russell, Farmers Market member, said.

The early summer-like weather is making it tough for many farmers in West Texas.

"We have had a terrible time, because of the wind, and two it is so dry that the animals, the birds they are hungry too, I have planted black eye peas three times, and they eaten them every time," Russell said.

This time last year this field was full of squash and melons almost ready to pick. But this year they are barely starting to grow. June Russell worries this hot weather will hurt the farmers market this coming Summer.

"I am afraid that we will not have as many growers, because they all have had a lot of trouble, and I think some of them are disappointed and discouraged that they have just given up," Russell said.

And it's important Russell says because the market gives West Texans a good product year after year.

"They tend to trust our vegetables where as when you buy them from the grocery store you don't always know where they came from or what's happen to them," Russell said

The farmers market is schedule to open at the end of June beginning of July. According to Russell, the market will open on time. So far ten farmers have signed up. She says that number has gone down every year.