Project Graduation Kicks Off this Friday and Ends Saturday

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA-"Project Graduation" is a night for seniors to be able to hang out with friends without parents having to worry about drugs and alcohol.
"The graduates all they want to do is have to hang out and spend time with their friends," Letty Bernal, Graduation Project, Odessa High School, said.

Mixing fun and safety is the main goal of project graduation.  This is why parents have being working for months and raising thousands of dollars to make sure their kids have a good time in a safe place.

"I feel better knowing that my child will be at a place where there will be alcohol and drug free celebration, and it will also give them a place to celebrate one last time with all their friends before they all go their separate ways," Bernal said.

Betty Bernal says without "Project Graduation" these kids could find themselves in some dangerous situations.

"There is a high tendency for students and under age drinker to have accidents on graduation night then any other night," Bernal said.
During the party kids have the option to leave whenever ever they want, but once they are out they can't come back.  But the kids who do stay all night will have a lot of things to do to keep the party going.

"We have a DJ, and he is going to be having lots of games and there will be an opportunity for the graduates to win prizes. We will also be having a photographer there that will taking pictures of the seniors by themselves or with their friends," Bernal said.