E.C.I.S.D. Approves Bible Curriculum

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The subject of the Bible curriculum isn't exactly a new one.   In fact, it's been a topic of conversation at E.C.I.S.D. since 2005.

NewsWest 9 spoke with members of the committee that developed the new curriculum, after Thursday's  meeting.  They all say while serving on the committee was an honor, it was, none the less, a job.

Edna Gonzalez was one of the seven committee members chosen for the task of selecting a new Bible curriculum for E.C.I.S.D., "I was honored to be asked.  I took it seriously.  I took my job seriously in providing what the district needed for the course."

They were charged with specific things that would meet the requirements of a State statute on the subject.

According to Gonzalez, "One of the main ones was that it be a Bible, and how it influenced history, literature, and culture."

Christianna Jensen currently teaches a Bible class at OHS.   She says the new class will be taught a little differently, "The advantage to the course we have next year is that there is a lot of clarity that's offered.  It's grouped together in a way that you can see the reflection in each of the different units that are involved."

Superintendent Hector Mendez told NewsWest 9, turning the Bible into a class that could be taught in one year wasn't as easy as it sounds, "Our biggest task was to take all this information, the Bible is a very large book, divided into the Old Testament and New Testament.  To divide it up into a year's course is a daunting task."

Regardless of their personal feelings on the issue, the committee members feel they've come up with the best curriculum they could.

Gonzalez agrees, "I was appointed to come up with the curriculum.  Whether I was in favor of it or not, that was my appointment."

Jensen feels Thursday's vote was a positive step for the future of E.C.I.S.D., "Oh yes, definitely.  I think that everyone has come to that understanding and are very glad to have it."

Although pre-enrollment numbers are low now, Superintendent Mendez has high hopes for next year, "I'm hoping that the course, with the syllabus, the curriculum, being posted on the website, that individuals will look at it and maybe peak an interest to be able to take it.  I think it's going to be a very good course, and then we shall see."

If you would like to see the new curriculum for yourself, we've put it on our website for you, just click on News Links.