Big Spring Police Investigating Shootings

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - For many people who live in Big Spring, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to all the shootings and violence.

Sergeant Tony Everett wants everyone to know they are doing everything they can to solve these cases, but they can't do it alone.

"They've already started, just keep coming forward.  Any help you can give us, we appreciate," Sgt. Tony Everett with the Big Spring Police Department, said.

Big Spring Police need you, to be their eyes and ears on the streets.  It's thanks to information provided by the public that allows them to catch a break on a case.

"We've made several arrests and there's probably going to be some more in the next few days behind these shootings, and that's all coming from information provided by the public," Everett said.

Tuesday night's drive by is only the latest in a string of shootings all across the city.   While they may not have been committed by the same person, Everett says, they are related in some way.

"They're intermingled.  Some are related and some are not.  But it's two separate groups of people and two separate incidents that are leading to these," Everett said.

It's impossible for police to be everywhere, all the time.  That's why tips from you are so important, no matter what they are.

"We have to sift through a lot of leads, and a lot of them are not accurate, and they lead us off in the wrong direction, but we don't care.  We still want the information," Everett said.

Everett vows despite being short staffed, they won't stop until the bad guys are caught.

"The way things have been happening, with so much violence and the fact that we're way short on personnel, we're still not giving up. It's taking its toll on our personnel, but we're not going to quit.  A lot of people think there's nothing being done.  There is," Everett added.

Everett says right now, information is crucial.  Something that may not seem important to you, might just be the key they need.