Midland Officials Asking Residents to Conserve Water

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's no doubt many West Texans are hoping for more rain with summer right around the corner. However, Midland officials said Tuesday it probably won't be enough to get out of the drought the city is facing. Currently, a group from the City of Midland and Keep Midland Beautiful are warning Tall City Residents to conserve water.

They call the program "Every Drop Counts." It may sound like a catchy slogan, but it's also a pretty easy message to understand. Midland officials said with the drought, it's better right now to ask residents to cut down on water use, rather than just cutting off the water. However, they said now is not the time to waste any water.

"We want to change people's mindset. We're not trying to overt anything that's happening right now, we're trying to get long-term change of mindset," Kay Snyder, a professional engineer and Director of Utilities with the City of Midland, said.

It's a message Snyder hopes will help the city years down the line. During the summer, officials said the daily use of water in the city is more than double the amount used during winter.

"That is outdoor use, because we are not taking further showers, we're not washing fewer dishes, or clothes or anything. So we know that's outdoor use so, that's where we want to focus our conservation message," Snyder explained.

The first and most obvious tip, making sure your sprinklers run at the right time.

"It's best to water, between say 6 in the evening until 10 in the morning," Snyder said.

Some Tall City residents said they've also tried to cut down how many times they water their lawn per week.

"Typically before I always tried to water every other night, sometimes every night, but now I've cut it down to about once a week," Robert Gotcher, a Midland resident, said. "Trying my best to save a little bit of water keep my sprinklers intact and not leaking."

And preventing even small leaks can save water. Other tips include using a cut-off nozzle on your hose. If you are inside, remember to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. And watch for any leaks in the commode.

The main idea, officials said, watch your habits carefully.

"Just think about what you are doing," Snyder said.

In addition, Tall City officials said they have been working with the Midland School District to get automatic sprinkler systems installed on all campuses. They also said they will continue to try and get the word out in the next few months.

Here's a list of all those ways you can conserve water in your own home: