New Police Team in Hobbs Hopes to Cut Down on Crime

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NM - From juveniles tagging signs and buildings, to attempts at burglary, to running from police, officers in Hobbs had a busy past week and weekend. However, police hope a new team called CAT created just last week will help to cut down on crime in the long run.

"CAT stands for Community Action Team, the officers will be going out in the community. They will deal with everything from graffiti all the way up to major crimes," Sgt. Nathan Walker with the Hobbs Police Department, said.

Officers said the new team will also help watch neighborhoods and look for suspicious activity, or gang violence.

"The guys have been out in the community, they have made some arrests in drugs, also prostitution in our problem areas," Sgt. Walker explained.

Authorities said the CAT team has gone right to work, arresting three gang members at a home on the 200 block of Yeso on Friday on multiple charges.

In addition to the graffiti and gang-related violence, Hobbs Police said they're also dealing with another big problem, and that's vandalism by kids picking up rocks and throwing them at cars. They said it's been a ongoing problem for at least the last two months.

"Over the weekend, we had a total of about 17 tamperings with motor vehicles," Sgt. Walker added.

Police said they are still looking for more suspects in the vandalism's, but they also hope their new team along with input from Hobbs residents will help.

"We're trying to get to the community. We want the community to be aware of the problems," Sgt. Walker said, "which I'm sure they are. But the officers went out and contacted citizens and let citizens know, that we are going to be out, and attacking the problems."