Memorial Day at Home

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--The order of the day has certainly been bar-b-que. Just fire up the grill and let the good times roll.   Some folks chose to hit the pools while some decided they could do that at home too.   But whatever it is they're doing, the choice to stay home this Memorial Day wasn't exactly for the reasons you might think.

Regardless of where they decided to be, among people spending Memorial Day at home, there seemed to be one common thread.

Leticia Garcia told us, "We're going to go and just bar-b-que with the family.  My husband had to work so we stayed in town."

Rose Cullum had similar plans, "I got my grandson with me this morning.  I didn't have any special place to go.  The kids came in so, that's what we'll do."

Some, like Raul Brito, decided to get out early and take advantage of the cooler temperatures, "We went out and ate breakfast and thought we would come out here and look at the ducks, just enjoy the weather, since it's real nice.  It's cool right now, it feels good."

For 6-year-old Zoey and her 5-year-old sister Zia, it just doesn't get any better than this, "We go to Grandma's, we feed the ducks."

Tom Halverstadt is from Ohio.   His wife is from Odessa.   They had a good reason for staying in the Basin, "She has a big family here, and we're going to go to a big bar-b-que and a swim party.  That's about it. We'll probably rent some good movies, Independence Day, something like that."

Whether they spent the day in or out of the water, or enjoying a quiet day at the park, people never forget what Memorial Day is all about.

Halverstadt explains, "Her brother is in Iraq right now serving the country.  Wish he was home with his family."

Out of everyone we spoke to on Monday, only one person said gas prices had anything thing to do with them staying home.   Everyone pretty much just wanted to spend a quiet day with family.