UPDATE: Imperial Reservoir Re-Opens Gates After Drowning

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

IMPERIAL- After three intense days of a search and rescue mission, the City of Fort Stockton is trying to go back to it's normal routine.

"Everything is pretty much getting back to normal, of course the family, we are waiting in the results of the autopsy and stuff like that, they are in the stages of when they are going to have the funeral," Pecos County Sheriff Cliff Harris, said.

After three days of an intense search and rescue for 19-year-old Frazier Riggs, the gates of the Imperial Reservoir are open again. According to Sheriff Harris, safety will be a number one concern.

Riggs fell off his jet ski last week at the reservoir. Preliminary autopsy results show Riggs drowned. There were no signs of trauma to his body.

"The guys will make their normal passes out there, Parks and Wildlife will probably be in and out of there, specially today; there is probably quite a few people out there, other than that, it should be getting back to normal," Sheriff Harris said.

No big crowds on Monday, though one family from Monahans is enjoying some quality time.

"We come almost every weekend, we like it out here, he even has paddle boats for the kids, so it's nice," Cindy Andrews said.

Cindy Andrews also says, she hesitated for a minute about coming to the reservoir, but her family enjoys the water and safety is always in her mind.

"We are just out running the jet skis and having some family time," Andrews said.

Officials are still waiting for the results of the autopsy.  The funeral for Frazier Riggs is set for Wednesday in Fort Stockton.