Officials in Pecos County Locate Body of Missing Fort Stockton Teen

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PECOS COUNTY- Frazier Riggs was pronounced dead by a Pecos County Judge on Sunday at 9:30. Crews have looked day and even nights by land, air, and water for the body of the Fort Stockton teen.

"We have recovered the body of the young man that drown in the Imperial reservoir,"Sheriff Cliff Harris, Pecos County, said.
Crews from all over Pecos County were determined to continue the search for any sign of 19-year-old Frazier Riggs. Troopers and Deputies starting scouting the 1,200 acre reservior late Thursday night. It all ended Sunday morning.

"It's traggic deal anyway, everyone knew it was coming, the main thing we were looking for was closure for the family to be able to find him and to get them towards getting closure," Sheriff Cliff Harris said.

E-M-S crews, Pecos County Deputies, D-P-S Troopers, and members of the Texas Parks and Wildlife scouted the area for more than two days. Sherriff Cliff Harris says the recovery could of not been done without the help of the community.

"We had people calling wanting to know if we needed more boats, they brought food, they brought wate, they were just tremendous,"  Sheriff Cliff Harris said.

But some Fort Stockton residents fear another tragedy could happen again at this reservior.

"I think they should have more schedules, they have to be there before it gets dark, maybe around 7 o'clock," Elva Zamora, Fort Stockton resident, said.

"It's some where we don't go and take our small kids, because there is not enough supervision," Veronica Ramirez, Fort Stockton resident, said.

Others are still dealing with the loss.

"Young people will do what they will do and you just can't, I have raised two boys and I have tried to tell them that you can't always put the word into them," Barbara Davis, Fort Stockton resident, said.

The body of Frazier Riggs is in El Paso for autopsy. Officials say they could have some results as early as Monday. 

No word yet when the funeral for Riggs will take place.