High Gas Prices Putting a Halt on Memorial Day Traveling

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD- Gas is at four dollars and four cents a gallon at a FINA station in Greenwood. While getting out of town during Memorial weekend is an American tradition.  Some West Texans are now forced to rethink their plans. 

"I have not seen my family for three years, I would love to go down there and see them, but I can't afford it right now," J.R. Fason, a staying home West Texan, said.

J.R. Fason has a family reunion in Arkansas this weekend. But because of high gas prices he is not going. For J.R. enjoying family time now means making an effort to put money aside.

"Oh man it's terrible, but my kids love it so if it takes to out back a couple a dollars to take them to the lake, that is what I have to do," Fason said.

Other West Texans are lucky to be able to travel this Memorial weekend; Roberto Sanchez is going to El Paso to see his family.

"We just pay it, all of us here in this part of the world are related to the oil company one way or another so we really can't complain, because we are living of the high prices," Roberto Sanchez, who is traveling during the Memorial Day weekend, said.
Mark Johnson is not going out of town this weekend and has been cutting down on travel, but will be staying put this holiday.

"Within our family with my children and wife it's affecting us a great deal, we don't go out of as much, we have to budget now for gas where before we didn't," Johnson said.