Obama and Clinton Visit Florida after Splitting Tuesday's Primaries

by Kristen Dahlgren

NBC News

Barack Obama has now reached a majority of pledged delegates in the Democratic race for

It's not enough to officially shore up the nomination, but enough to begin changing his focus to the general election.

Today, he's doing something he hasn't done in months, taking a trip to the Sunshine State.

Obama began his three day Florida swing with a rally in a 20-thousand seat arena.

It's the first chance many are getting to see him in person.

He hasn't campaigned in Florida since last summer when the state was stripped of delegates for moving its primary.

Now, even with the future of those delegates still up in the air, it seems Barack Obama has a much better idea of his future.

Obama is all but ignoring Hillary Clinton while stepping up attacks on Republican John McCain.

"This year's Republican primary was a contest to see which candidate could out-Bush the other, and that is the contest John McCain won," he said.

McCain has been firing back, repeating questions he's raised about Obama's experience, especially when it comes to foreign policy.

The odd-man out, or woman in this case, would seem to be Hillary Clinton.

She's also in Florida, pushing to stay relevant in the campaign while still pressing to have Florida's delegates counted.

"We're winning the popular vote and I'm more determined. I'm more determined than ever to see that every vote is cast and every ballot counted," she told supporters.

Few believe Florida will be able to change the outcome for Clinton, but it is clear by the other candidates' focus here many think it could make all the difference come November.

In a sign that he is clearly trying to mend fences in this key battleground state, Obama will be in Florida for another two days.

He has also started moving staff to Florida, a state he will likely see a lot more of in the coming months.