Kennedy Released from the Hospital following Discovery of Brain Tumor

by Michelle Franzen
NBC News

Senator Ted Kennedy is out of the hospital but still facing a tough battle.
Kennedy walked out of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, with a wave and a thumbs up, signaling he is ready to begin his battle against brain cancer.

After five days of tests and Tuesday's devastating diagnosis, family and colleagues say he is anxious to get to his home in Hyannis Port.

Massachusetts Senator and friend John Kerry said," Ted Kennedy is ready to take this on and he's ready to go sailing this weekend. He wants to get out of this hospital, and get back to the things he loves."

In pictures taken during his stay, the 76-year old held onto his smile and strength as he, his wife Vicki and children faced the devastating news he has brain cancer.

Thousands of miles away, California's Governor, married to Kennedy's niece Maria Shriver, says the diagnosis hit hard.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "The thing is it has a tremendous effect on the family and obviously very, very sad for my wife."

His other family, on Capitol Hill said the news was like a punch to in the stomach.

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd said, "He's a strong guy and has great heart, and with confidence he'll be back."

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell said, "I know I speak for every Republican in the conference that this is, was a development of great concern and sadness to all of our members."

The malignant brain tumor, which doctors say triggered the Senator's seizure this past weekend, is usually treated through surgery, or radiation and chemotherapy.

Treatment decisions, the Senator can now make from the comfort of his own home.