New Details Released On Midland College Professor Arrest

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

New details surfacing Tuesday on the arrest of a Midland College professor accused of sharing child pornography over the internet.

It's all part of a federal investigation that's left Doctor David Allen facing up to 20 years in prison. It's no doubt shocking for many to see a Tall City professor arrested and charged with sharing child pornography over the Internet. But it's all part of an investigation Authorities said has been going on since the Summer of 2006.

The affidavit states Allen was sending pictures through "Hello," a picture sharing and instant messaging website now shutting down. The most shocking detail investigators said: some victims were infants, the oldest, 15. They added images found on Allen's personal computer also showed pictures of underage girls posing nude and children engaging in sexual acts.

"It's sort of a bad day for the whole community," Nancy Thorne with Midland College, said.

She said right now Allen is on an unpaid leave of absence. She said since the charges are very serious, they're waiting to hear more from the courts.

"Primarily our role right now involves that we are, we are just cooperating with the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], so it's really in their hands," Thorne explained.

Allen lives in the 5200 block of Quicksand. It's a street where kids play nearly everyday, and many even walk down the street to get to school. Neighbors we talked to said they're still in shock after hearing he was arrested Monday evening just a few blocks down the road. None of them wanted to speak on camera, but said they'll have to let the news sink in.

Maija Johnson, who was a student of Allen's, said she wouldn't have expected something this extreme to happen. But she suspects it would be even more surprising, if he is convicted.

"I think people would be really shocked by him actually going to jail over it, that's not something that you expect out of people you know really well, and I think it would impact a whole lot of people," Johnson said. "As far as the Midland College community, people that went there and people that go there, I think there will probably be a huge outcry of support for it, especially for him."

Federal Authorities will have to sort through evidence taken from both Allen's work and home computers. For now, he will remain in custody until a bond is set this Friday.