Beware of Playground Equipment During Hot Days

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Playground equipment can get so hot kids could get a first degree burn from touching them. And this is why doctors across West Texas say be careful when playing outside. 

"Day care people should be aware that one kid is out there for one hour that should not be happening in triple digits," Medical Doctor Jamal Islam, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, said.

West Texans are seeing things heat up and it's no wonder kids who go to learning centers are playing inside.

"Temperature has to be according to licensing under 100 degrees, but we pretty much have it if it's over 90, we pretty much limit their time outside," Linda Coggins, Linda's Little Angel Learning Center Director, said.

For this daycare where the kids play is an ongoing concern.

"We have a daily log for our playground, part of that log is the condition of the playground, the condition of the toys, whether they are hot, whether they are cold, and the condition of the Ground," Coggins said.

For Linda, keeping these kids safe is very important.

"It's part of the responsibility of the Center of Directors to make sure they are safe and in a safe environment at all times," Coggins said.

Doctor Islam recommends parents check out the equipment to make sure it's not too hot before letting the kids play.