Salvation Army Assisting Residents with Electric Bills

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

The Salvation Army offers different kinds of help for people in need.

One of those services is assistance with paying electricity bills.

Right now, they are seeing almost triple the applications that they had last year.

And for some West Texans with out this help they would not have electricity.

"Once they do help you, you do feel a lot better, you can kind of breathe a lot easier," Eva Morgan said.

Eva Morgan is going through tough times, her job is cutting back in hours and that means less money in her pocket. Without the help the Salvation Army is giving her, she would not have electricity this month.

"My lights probably would of been cut off, the new deposit for that was $350 plus the coming up with money I needed for the bill, so we are looking at $500 if they would not pay the $150 dollars that she did pay," morgan said.

The Salvation Army is helping all of the families who ask for assistance, but they say help might be limited once temperatures start getting higher.

"Right now, we are trying to stretch the dollar as far as we can, which may means we may have to lower the amount we help each specific family to make the dollar stretch further," Major Michael Barnhouse with the Salvation Army, said.

According to Barnhouse, West Texans are making tough decisions these days.

"People are trying to decide 'do I put gas on my vehicle, or do I pay my electric bill, or do I buy groceries, how do I balance everything out?'" Barnhouse said.

The Salvation Army wants you to know they are always willing to help.

If you need any assistance in paying your electric bill, you can call them at 683-3614.