Business Burns in Midland

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Billowing black clouds of smoke over Midland Monday afternoon sent firefighters scrambling.

Some 35 firefighers rushed to Front Street and from all that smoke, they were'nt quite sure what to expect.

Firefighters discovered numerous fuel storage drums on fire, and that made things a whole lot worse.

Fire investigators say employees at SunWest Mud were using torches on a shrink wrap plastic when they accidentally caught a palette on fire.

And when the cellulose material on the palette ignited along with the fuel barrels, it caught the side of a nearby building on fire.

Luckily, there were no injuries.

"As we arrived we realized it was a much larger fire, we called for a full structure reponse.  At that time what it was is fiber material that had been packaged had ignited.  From there, it melted some barrels of some diesel oil mix.  At the moment those barrels melted, and at that point the liquid started pouring down.  It came down into the side of this building running along Front Street for about a block down, and fuel was burning along the road," Midland Fire Investigator Michael Evans told NewsWest 9.

Firefighters remained at the scene for several hours Monday evening to watch for any hot spots.

Officials say none of the fuel barrels contained any toxic materials.