SMART Car in the Tall City

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Imagine filling up your tank with just 8 gallons of gas, for SMART car owners it gets better than that. They not only fill up a smaller gas tank owner William Green says he can drive for 300 miles on that tank.

"I get stopped all the time," he said. "At least four times a day I have people pull me over just to ask me questions about the car, I let them get in it and check it out, because it is so unique."

The car made by Mercedes is as tall as it is wide, 5' x 5' and almost 9 feet long.

"It's a good car, good gas mileage," Green said, who reserved a second cabriolet model for his wife, "It will be next year, it's a pretty long lead time, but it's worth the savings."

Compared to a full size truck the car appears tiny, but Green says even at 6' 6" tall, he fits.

Last week, the car earned a five star crash rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It has dual side air bags, a steel frame, and the engine is in the back.

"It's really good for people to start thinking of something like this with the way fuel prices are," Green said, who wants others to think about conservation, "Everyone's got to do a little bit, and if everyone does a little bit, it all counts."