Texas State Guard Participate in "ALERRT" Training

Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The grueling training is all part of a program called "ALERRT," which stands for Advanced Enforcement Rapid Response Training. It's to help State and National Guards stay on their toes and react quickly in case a shooting ever does occur in a public area.

"The consequence of not having this training is that you go into a situation blind," Captain Jack Williams with the Texas State Guard, said.

The goal for officers, to be prepared. Federal and state money is invested every year for these officers to study how to react in case of a public threat. 
"This allows us to take certain situations and see how we would be react to them so that in another situation we can work as a team and communicate together and become more effective," Williams said.

Thousands of first responding patrol officers nationwide have been trained in scenarios just like this.

"They need to know that there are agencies in Midland and Odessa, in this area, that care about their safety," Williams said.

Officers say shooters can attack almost anywhere and practicing different tactics will make them better for the job.

"The incidents of terrorism of shooting are on a increase, so we want to prepared so that when and if anything happens in this area we can be prepared, solve the problem quickly and save as many lifes as possible," Williams said.    

Captain Williams also said if you are ever in a situation where someone pulls out a gun and says they're going to shoot. The most important thing to do is get out of danger. First, we should try to locate where the shooter is. Then, run the opposite direction that person is going and immediately call 911.