Parents Protest Incident at Crockett Junior High

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A group of Odessa parents refuse to back down. They're upset after they claim the Assistant Principal at Crockett Junior High choked a student.

A group of parents and students protested at the school Friday afternoon, saying the Assistant Principal crossed the line. However, the school officials insist that's not the real story.

It started out as a small, parent led protest against administrators at Crockett Junior High. But as the school let out, students at Crockett joined in with the chanting. D.D. Sandate said it's a rally against Assistant Principal Oscar Guzman. She said Guzman, went too far when he punished her 13-year-old son last Wednesday.

"I spoke with Mr. Guzman myself, me and my son, and he said had he chocked my son, and yes he was slobbering at the mouth, and he was probably turning colors, but that's how he has to restrain kids, when they don't follow directions," said Sandate.

Now she said she's getting her message loud and clear. Extra ECISD police were out to make sure no one was hurt in the protest. But was an Odessa student really choked by the Assistant Principal?

"Our police officer at the campus investigated that very claim and he did not find that to be true," said Mike Adkins, spokesperson for Ector County ISD.

District officials said the problem happened on the second floor, when the boy ran around the hallway disturbing classes.

"The Assistant Principal over there asked him to settle down several times, made that request, tried to get him to calm down and get on to class, and the student just wouldn't obey him, and in fact while he was running around, he ran into the assistant principal more than one time, bumped into him as he ran around, really acted pretty crazy," explained Adkins.

"My son was walking away from him, so he didn't threaten his life, he didn't swing at him for him to feel like he had to jump on my sons back," said Sandate.

She still claims her son was choked. In addition to Friday's protest, she's taking legal action against the school.

"I'm taking this to the fullest, I'm taking this all the way, as far as I have to go, that's how far I'm willing to take it...all the way," said Sandate.

ECISD officials said Mr. Guzman followed standard disciplinary rules. They said two students were involved in Wednesday's incident, and both of them were charged with Class B Misdemeanors and suspended. Officials wouldn't comment on the protest itself, but again, they said they have no reason to believe the Assistant Principal did anything wrong.